Wednesday, March 6, 2013

iPhone Deleted Photo Recovery-Tips to Get Your Deleted Pictures Back in Clicks

iPhone's camera function is very attracted and impressive. It's individual digital assistance, media player and wireless communication devices are so powerful. In this device you can store video, music, photos, sms, contacts etc. It is indeed a powerful and amazing electronic gadget but still iPhone users have the data loss problem.

When the iPhone data is deleted, lost or corrupted then user gets very frustrated. To handle such types of data loss situation apple also developed a tool called iTune backup utility.
For the prevention of iPhone data user must create a backup file using iTune. iTune utility mainly used to save iPhone data from data loss. When some vital data is lost on iPhone then using this backup files user can easily restore complete data. To recover lost data user will have to connect iPhone to a computer and then click on 'Restore'. But in rare cases iTune can not recover data then in this situation have to use the third party tool, iPhone deleted photo recovery tool.

iPhone deleted photo recovery software is the complete solution for iPhone data loss problem due to any reasons like accidentally deletion, accidental formatting, partition logical damage and partition loss.

iPhone photo recovery

It is very helpful to recover the lost and deleted data from iPhone. It also supports all portable devices like iPad, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPad 4 ,iphone, iphone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, ipod touch, ipod touch 4, etc. The tool recovers complete data using its advanced scanning technology. It can operate by an unskilled person who is not technically qualified due its simple, easy and interactive user interface.

Do You Know How To Use iPhone Photos Recovery Software
Step 1: Connect iPhone to system after installing the iphone photos recovery software (Download it from ) to perform iPhone Photos Recovery. The software will automatically detect it and will show the list of file from the iPhone.
Step 2: Choose the files you want to take backup and click on export button.
Step 3: After you click Export button, the under given window will pop up, you can choose either backup to computer or itunes directly. You can set the output folder at Advanced->Options before you transfer.
Step 4: When backup is finished a window will pop up displaying message as 'export finished' after which you can see it from the location stored in.

So easy for iPhone deleted photos recovery! You can get your pictures back within minutes.

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iPhone 4s Photo Recovery - Recover Deleted iPhone Photos Easily

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

iPhone Call Log Recovery-Recover Deleted iPhone Call Logs Quickly

For those who have an iPhone, personal data is also very important including your call history, notes, text messages, contacts, photos, etc. on your iPhone. By accident or just somhow, you have lost all your call history on iPhone. Situations like "Clean Recent" call logs by mistake, call history erased by iPhone factory restore, broken iPhone, etc. In these cases, your first priority is to recover deleted iPhone call logs anyhow. Here are two ways for iPhone call log recovery.

If there is a backup for the call history on iTunes or iCloud, to restore from, that contains the call logs you lost. If you want to restore from the backup, connect your phone to the iTunes. Right-click (or control-click) your iPhone on iTunes under iDevices as well as choose "Restore from Backup". Then your deleted or lost call logs are back to your phone.
But I don't have a backup on iTunes! What to do? Don't worry! Here can be your last shot! iPhone call log recovery software will help you most. It restore your call history back into your iPhone without loosing any further or any previous data. Easily and efficiently you can recover deleted call logs from iPhone or get all your lost iPhone call logs back.

Though iPhone has a significant different storage mechanism which differents from other smartphone have the external memory card like Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X, Windows Phone 7, nonetheless you can easily recover all your deleted or lost data (for example call logs, notes, texting, contacts, pictures, etc.) by using a third party specific iPhone data recovery software known as Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery. I used it to recover deleted call history from iPhone 4s and it worked well. Even though it is a comercial product, it actually works. By the way, it is very easy to use! Just a couple of mouse clicks you can get all your call history back. You are able to download it from

Here's how to recover deleted iPhone call logs using iPhone call log recovery software(available for Windows and Mac OS), follow the steps below:
Be Careful: Do not connect or sync your iPhone along with iTunes to avoid data loss.
Step 1. Download and install Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery on your running machine.
Step 2. Open the program and choose on the right backup file for your phone under the iDevice list. Click on "Start Scan".
Step 3. After the scanning, all your iPhone files like photos, notes, cal history, contacts, SMS messages, etc. will be shown in categories. You can preview any of them before recovery. Then, choose the files you want to recover and click "Recover".
Step 4. One last thing you need to do is to set a path to "Save" your recovered content on your computer.

After iPhone call logs recovery, you can import your call history to your iPhone 4/4S/5 again.

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iPhone Call History Recover - Recover iPhone Call History You Deleted or Lost Somehow

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

iPhone 4 Data Recovery-Recover Deleted Data from iPhone in Easy Way

Today iPhone 4 is one of the advanced tools among smartphones. It is used mainly for entertainment. Since it includes 5 mega pixel camera that is why the pictures you took with iPhone have good quality. But some times those pictures may get deleted off iPhone by mistake or lost somehow. In this situation iPhone data recovery tool is very good option to recover data from iPhone 4 in a easy way.

Best iPhone 4 data recovery tool called Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery is useful in recovery of any type of files like photos, text messages, contacts, notes and so on from your iPhone by a few clicks on computer. Its procedure of data recovery is very fast. It is helpful in photo recovery not only from iphone but also from iPad and iPod easily. It is the smartest software to perform the data recovery for iPhone, iPad and iPod on your computer either it has deleted accidentally or lost due to some reasons.
By the way, you can get it from

When iphone 4 data recovery tool is used it does not make any change in the original file. This tool simply scans your iDevices for the deleted or lost data and restore them within minutes.

It enables you to preview of  your lost or deleted photos which is to be recovered before recovery. iPhone 4 data recovery software does not harm other computer resources because this program is read only. Itis able to recover deleted files from iPhone 4 as well as recover lost data on iPhone also.
This recovery software is easy to use because of its graphical user interface. No sound technical knowledge is required to use it, even if you are a novice.

Every version of iphone is supported by this software such as iPhone 4, 4S, 4, 3g, iphone 2 etc.

A few easy steps for how to use this iPhone 4 data recovery software to recover deleted data from iPhone 4.
Step 1. First of all install it and launch it. Once you open the program, it will automatically show your all nackup files for all your Apple products synced.
Step 2. Choose the file which backup you have to create for your iPhone.
Step 3. After that click on the "Start Scan" button.
Step 4. After that all your files on the iPhone will be showed up on the interface and you will have to choose to the ones that you want to get back. And click on the "Recover" button. In order to choose your files to recover, previewing every file will be OK.
Step 5. After recovery, you need to choose a fonder from your computer to save your recovered files.

That is all for recovering deleted data from iPhone 4. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

iPad Data Recovery-What to Do to Get Lost iPad Data Back?

iPad data recovery software help an individual recover apple ipad lost information--like songs,videos,photographs,sms messages,contacts etc on Mac OS By based upon computer
Management at the actual Tenorshare Computer software Corporation these days announced the production of a new recovery software program which is named "Tenorshare Data Recovery for iTunes" software. The newest software package incorporates powerful features which enable iPad users to retrieve lost photos, text messages, videos and music documents.

iPad Data Recovery for all PC users
iPad Info Recovery computer software works completely with iPad 1 & two and the actual iPod Touch 4. That’s also fully compatible with Mac Operating system X 10.5, ten.6, ten.7 and in addition 10.8 Moutain King of beasts, but unfortunately it is made for MAC people only, that's a pretty for Windows users.
Here tend to be highlight characteristics for iPad recovery software
1.Retrieve all video tutorials and photographs taken along with your iPhone or even iPad
two.Recover ipad tablet photos, video tutorials, music etc
3.Recover data regarding iPad through iTunes back up files
some.Works perfectly with iPad 1 & two and iPod Touch 4.

There's also some strongpoints on this iPad recovery software in which no other software can easily compare together with.
* Run without opening iTunes
* Find files from the iOS gadget they have been synced coming from
* Scan your own lost info through i-tunes backup documents instantly
* Look at files by file category
* Preview all of the content in original high quality
* Click to recoup files one-by-one or inside batch
* Get back photos & movies shot together with your iDevice
* Retrieve all your contacts, photos, videos, music, notes, diary events and also call data
* 1-click on to get all documents with no quality damage

This's not the first time that the particular Tenorshare Software program Corporation provides hit a home run and among its software applications. The company's data recovery equipment are very useful and are already enjoyed by thousands of Windows as well as Mac users during recent years.

Read more about iPad data recovery:

Monday, November 5, 2012

Any Way to Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone By Using Software?

How can you recover deleted text messages from iphone 5 once removed?
I erased all my messages in error. I merely synced my own phone wishing I might retrieve all of them in i-tunes and now it's telling me i have forfeit my text messages forever... is there any way, any software program or something that can get deleted text messages from i phone 3g? personally i think frustrated due to the fact i just synced the damn phone, if anybody knows the way to retrieve sms messages from iphone 5?

I've done what you've done myself and it is a real pain inside the backside to get rid of all your own iphone text messages. Unless you've got them synced or even backed as much as iTunes or even iCloud there isn't them any more. Those texting can become recovered even if you've simply deleted these from your phone. Phone memory for texts is actually flash; a person delete it and that stays presently there untill you are writing something fresh onto the area. It just like the files upon computer that when you removed a document on hard drive, it will continue to be on the space untill something new write more than it. Thus, you can recover text messages iphone 5. Here' show a person 2 simple ways to really make it.

"With the U.S. Online Apple Store still showing carrier-specific iPhone 5 delivery dates of three to four weeks, a quick search on Apple's website may have revealed the pricing of factory unlocked units expected to hit stores later this year.

First discovered by AppleInsider reader Dhaval Dinani and confirmed independently, the alleged unlocked units are anything but official and could merely be placeholders in Apple's database, however the prices are consistent with identical models being sold in Canada where all iPhones are unlocked for how to recover deleted photos from iphone."
iphone text messages recovery

iPhone 5 Text message messages remain on the telephone after erasure. When “deleted” on the particular iPhone, they are technically concealed and noticeable for removal. Text messages are then deleted simply after sync with apple itunes again later on than erasure. In order to obtain deleted text from iphone via the precious apple itunes backup record, run through the following some easy actions:
1. Make certain iTunes doesn’big t automatically sync with iPhone 5 when related.
2. Link your apple iphone to i-tunes and Back up by choosing Preferences > Back-up from apple itunes, or proper-click on your own iPhone as well as choose support.
3. Reinstate your iPhone 5 simply by selecting Bring back under Choices. Note which restoring the particular iPhone may restore the prior iPhone firmware. Your apple iphone will become completely removed after the brand new firmware is actually installed. Therefore make positive your back up is great!
4. The last step will be to restore the iPhone in the back up you produced on step 2.

This will help you to restore virtually any data you have backed up, including the actual deleted text messages.

If you haven't any backup for the sms emails, what can I do? Are typical my messages gone permanently? No! Sit back! Only when you have synced your phone in to iTunes prior to deciding to deleted them, you can easily recover deleted text messages from iphone 5 via i phone data recuperation software such as Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery. It is really a esy-to-use computer software that solved the problem recover my own messages. In case you are urgent to get your deleted messages back, it can be your best wager!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Best Partition Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Partition in Windows

Data loss is one of the most common and frustrating problems faced by computer users. The problem is magnified when you need to recover lost data from deleted partition. Not only is the data marked as deleted, the entire hard drive sector where the data located in before is no longer existed in the partition table and is likely even overwritten by new data. In fact, deleted data on a Windows system is not completely wiped out until is written over by new data. As long as you take action immediately before it is too late, You can recover deleted partition by yourself!
The first and most important thing you should do is leaving everything alone. Don't do anything else to your computer! Don't add anything or install anything.

Retrieve deleted partition for Free
If you have a backup of your deleted partition, you can recover it for free. After you delete a partition, all information is lost. However, you can recover your files and program by using a Windows installation DVD.
Place the installation DVD into your computer's drive. Reboot the computer with the DVD in the drive. Press the spacebar on your computer when the DOS prompt asks if you want to boot to the DVD.
Choose your keyboard settings and language on the first screen's drop-down boxes. Click "Next." Be careful here! Click "Repair Your Computer" rather than installing Windows. This skips the installation and moves to the recovery of deleted partition.
Click the operating system you want to restore in the list box on the next window. Click "Next." The next window is the Recovery Console screen, which lists several options for Windows repair. Click "System Image Recovery."
Switch the Windows installation DVD for the recovery image disk and point the Recovery Console to the disk location. If you have the partition on the hard drive or on an external drive, point to the drive location and backup file. Click "Restore" to start the recovery process.
This may or may not fix the problem. If the partition is not back, move to the next method. Remove the hard drive and install it as a slave on another computer operating Windows. You can attempt to recover the deleted partition on the original computer but it is not the safest way to avoid losing data. If this method does not work or you do not wish to attempt this method, move to the next method.

Recover deleted partition easily with partition Recovery software without any technique
Along with the rapid development of information technology, here is a good news that there is a number of data recovery software available for Windows to recover data from hard drive and most of data recovery program works whether the data was accidentally deleted or if it is on a partition that no longer exists. What this means to you? You can retrieve data from deleted partition with data recovery tool by yourself easily without any technique!

Retrieve deleted partition with partition recovery software only by a few clicks
Tenorshare Data Recovery is such kind of advanced partition recovery program to recover deleted partition. It can recover data after deeply scanning your hard drive to look for lost data due to accidentally deleted, formatted, damaged, lost, corrupted partitions. Within a few clicks, you can recover all your data from deleted partition with this Tenorshare Data Recovery. Get it from:

Install it in your primary drive under instructions and Run it.

You had better get into the habit of keeping a backup copy of the FAT every time when you repartition a hard disk. Keeping a backup copy before recovering is also suggested.
Step 1: Select “Partition Recovery”. Choose a hard disk and click “Backup Partition Table”;
Step 2: Select a safe location to save the backup file.
If you have kept a backup copy of the FAT, you only need to recover the backup file and then you can see target hard disk will appear in My Computer again.
Step 1: Select “Partition Recovery”. Choose a hard disk and click “Restore Partition Table”;
Step 2: Select the backup file you have made .Click “Open file” to start recovering;
Step 3: Click “OK” to restart your PC or Select “Cancel” to continue your operation.

If you didn’t keep a backup copy of the FAT, you can use Tenorshare Data Recovery to scan the entire disk to determine the partition layout on the hard disk and recreate the partition table.
Step1. Select “Partition Recovery”. Choose a hard disk and click “Recover Partition Table”.
Step2. The file will list in the taskbar automatically. Click “Recover” to recover.
Step3. Click “OK” to identify recovery or “Cancel” to exit operation.
Step4. Click “OK” to restart your PC or Select “Cancel” to continue to recover other files.

It is amazing! Isn't it? Download a trial version of it to scan your hard drive for free to check out whether your data can be retrieved!